Our Story

We wanted to put Clark Freeport on the map and centre stage.

Over the last few years Clark Freeport has developed at a fast pace. To outsiders little is known about the businesses that operate in Clark or what is planned for the area. Unless you keep one eye on Facebook or watch local T.V. you are unlikely to know what’s going on. Many locals and expats have voiced frustration at simply not knowing about events or facilities in Clark. It is our aim to help change this.

Our Founding

Clark is developing fast, so it needs online resources that can keep up.

Our founder Andrew is originally from the U.K. (England) and has lived in Pampanga for nearly a decade. As a keen biker, father and single parent he wanted to know more about Clark, its facilities and any events that might be of interest for both him and his son. He soon realised that many events were advertised at the last minute, or simply not advertised at all! 

Several operations in Clark suffer from a distinct lack of communication and fail to make the public aware of basic facts about event locations, facilities, timings and prices. This isn’t good enough, especially for an area as fast-changing as Clark.

Coming from a background as a chef, 4* hotel manager, retail store manager, finance professional and at one stage a hotel owner in Asia, Andrew felt he could at the very least find out more about establishments in Clark and critique them independently using his experience to highlight both excellence and shortcomings.

It’s Early Days

At LoveClark we welcome your feedback & submissions.

Any website project such as LoveClark will take time to mature and grow into an excellent online resource for everyone to benefit from. Just now we cannot pretend to be anything other than a ‘start-up’ website trying to put Clark on the map. We have already started to venture out into Clark and talk to local businesses and service providers to find out more about their operations and to let them know that we exist. So far we have been pleasantly surprised at how open, welcoming and encouraging local businesses have been to us.

If you yourself own a business in Clark, work for a business in Clark or simply have an interesting story to tell about anything Clark related, then we would love to hear from you. With help from the local community we are confident that we can continue to grow LoveClark into a respected, independent online resource that is not reliant upon, or subject to, the very fickle and short-term nature of social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Current Activity

Rome wasn’t built in a day…

Our founder Andrew spends most days visiting establishments in Clark to better appreciate what they do and the services they offer. We conduct ‘Mystery Shopping’/Guest reviews so as to provide unbiased appraisals that accurately reflect the performance of Clark businesses. We wish for readers of LoveClark to respect and appreciate the independence of our reviews and for the website to be a trusted source of facts, not fiction.

Where we come across an interesting online article, we will share it and of course link to and credit the original article. We do not have control over the accuracy of such articles but we do our utmost to ensure that they are from respected, reliable sources.

We welcome submissions from bloggers, researchers, knowledgeable locals and the expat community. Full credit will be given to you for your content and regular authors can even have their own dedicated profile page, links and much more. Together we can spread the word and let the whole of the internet know about how Clark is developing into an excellent business and lifestyle destination. 

Get in touch

Want to publicise an event? Share your article or have some news?

If you are a business, we can help get your event, services or special offers & deals noticed by a larger audience.

For content creators, bloggers and YouTubers we are happy to share your Clark experiences, reviews and observations. As a truly independent website dedicated to Clark Freeport we welcome your views and any up-to-date news you can share with our readers, whilst at the same time getting your efforts noticed and recognised!

We ask for all content to be in the English language, including videos and event promotion material. We will then broadcast your information site-wide and via our social media channels, to get the widest possible reach. We can all benefit from working together.

Let’s make it happen!

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