More Clark investments & partnerships eyed

New Clark City development discussions focused on land areas, partnership on utilities, tourism related projects, education services and innovation.

Foreign investors expressed growing interests on investment prospects and business progress here and in the development of New Clark City (NCC). This was cited by members of Foreign Trade Service Corps (FTSC) that recently visited this economic centre. During a forum organised by Clark Development Corporation (CDC), 28 members of FTSC composed of Trade Representatives or Commercial Attachés who represent commercial posts of Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) around the world said that investors from their areas of coverage conveyed optimism 

Commercial Attaché for Korea Emmanuel Niño Ang said:

“There is a lot of interest from Korea to participate in the various projects at the New Clark City.”

Emmanuel Niño Ang

Ang furthered that groups of engineering and Construction Company will visit the country to explore possible investments in this Freeport. In a similar way, Commercial Attaché for United Arab Emirates (UAE) Eric Elnar also conveyed the interest of a company in UAE to invest on a theme park inside the Freeport.

During the briefing, particular attention and discussion were given on topics about land areas, partnership on utilities, tourism related projects, education services and innovation in NCC. BCDA Planning Officer CP Quillamor addressed queries of the FTSC members. He said that feasibility studies covering water, power, solid waste management and gas distribution are being conducted. The results of the feasibility studies will determine on how they can go about the business models that will be utilized in seeking partners for the utility areas in NCC

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